• Alternate Fort

  • Calla Choc

  • Choc Rose

  • Coco

  • Pink Chocolate

  • Puddle Rose

  • Rose Shimmer

  • Ruffle

  • Ruffles

  • Square Strawberry Fort

  • Truffle Fort

  • Truffle Stack

  • Truffle Swag

  • White Ruffle

  • White Ruffle +Bride And Groom

  • Strawberry Fort

  • Calla Choc

  • Rose Cascade

  • Choc Truffle Drizzle

  • Truffle Fort 1

  • Golden Butterfly

  • Hearts

  • Heart Top Rose

  • Love

  • Jasmine

Chocolate Wedding Cakes

Our Chocolate Wedding Cakes are made with our own rich chocolate sponge and sandwiched with a rich chocolate cream and can be thinly coated with a layer of marzipan.

We only use the finest Belgian Chocolate and all our roses and truffles are handmade.

All our Chocolate Wedding Cakes are hand decorated and therefore unique.
No two are quite the same!