• Large No. 1

  • 18th Key

  • Numbers Cake

  • Pink Coloured Iced Cake

  • Vermicelli sided Gateux

  • 26x16 Oblong Cake

  • Blue Iced All Cake

  • Crumb Sided Gateux

Birthday Cakes

Our Birthday cakes are available in Sponge,Chocolate Sponge,Eggless Sponge or Chocolate Eggless Sponge. All our cakes are made and baked on the premises daily.

Sponge and Eggless Sponge cakes are sandwiched with jam and filling cream, topped with either filling cream or soft icing and the sides finished with Coconut, vermicelli, 100&1000’s, cake crumb or coated all over with soft icing.

Chocolate sponge and Chocolate Eggless sponge cakes are sandwiched with chocolate cream and topped with chocolate fudge, finished with chocolate icing.

An inscription of your choice is added along with suitable decoration.

Birthday Gateux or Birthday Cake

6” Square…..£13.00p 6” Square…..£17.60p
7” Square…..£16.00p 7” Square…..£21.00p
8” Square…..£19.70p 8” Square…..£25.00p
10“Square…..£26.50p 10“Square…..£31.50p
12“Square…..£36.80p 12“Square…..£41.50p
14“Square…..£50.00p 14“Square…..£59.50p
16“Square…..£68.00p 16“Square…..£75.00p
26“x16“Oblong..£105.00p 26“x16“Oblong £135.00p

Single Number £25.00p
Double Number £50.00p
Large Number One £40.00p
Small Key…..£30.00p
Large Key…..£40.00p