Here is a list of the FAQ’s for this site

Where are you?

We are on the corner of Newtown Road and Park Road just off Bedworth Town Centre.

How much does a cake cost?

It depends on the size and finish, please ring our sales team who have all the answers.

Whats the smallest/largest cake you do?

The smallest is a 6” square serving approx.15 portions and the largest single cake is a whopping 26“x16” oblong serving approx 150-180 portions

How long will the cake keep edible?

A Fresh Cream Cake should be keep refrigerated and consumed within 36 hours.
A Sponge Cake will normally be edible for 12-14 days after purchase if kept in a cool dry place, not in a fridge.
A Fruit Cake, uncut and stored in a cool dry place can keep for years!

Does my cake come in a box?

All our cakes are securely packed in an appropiate cake box.

Whats the best way for my cake to travel?

The best place is flat in the boot,or in the footwell of a car.
On the seat or on somebody’s lap is not recommended.

Can you put a picture on my cake?

We can add an image or picture to most cakes above 8”
Your picture for us to copy cannot be above A4 size.

Can we put any photograph on the cake

The edible image will be the same quality as the photo we use, so the better quality the picture, the better quality the edible on the cake. we can enlarge,reduce or crop the image and the largest photo we can scan is A4

Can I have a name on the cake?

All our cakes are fully decorated and include an inscription of your choice.

Are decorations included?

The cake includes a standard decoration and a large selection is available.
Some larger decorations are charged extra.

What children's cakes to you do?

We have an extensive range of novelty cakes available.

Why do I need to order a wedding cake in person?

wedding cakes are for a special occasion and therefore we need to ensure you have exactly what you want. While talking to our sales staff in person, they are able to liase with the cake decorators and answer all your questions and indeed make suggestions to give you your dream cake.

Do we need to make an appointment to order our wedding cake?

No, You do not need to make an appointment, but please bear in mind our closing times as it may take up to an hour to order your cake.

Do I have to pay when ordering my cake?

We ask for a 50% deposit with order.
We take most credit and debit cards and orders can be placed by telephone, except for wedding cakes.

Can I order online?
To ensure that we have the correct details and message, we do not take orders online. We can double check and answer your questions quickly over the telephone or in person.
Can I have a cake for today?

Most likely yes, please ring the sales team.

How much notice do we need to give for a wedding cake

As much notice as possible! During the wedding season we are extremely busy and sometimes have to limit the designs available, although we never refuse an order!

How long does it take to make a birthday cake?

We normally ask for 2-3 days notice but can often do a cake while you wait, please ring the sales team. Novelty cakes need a weeks notice.

What is the postcode for sat nav?

CV12 8QA and we are numbers 1&2 Newtown Buildings.
The Sat Nav may show our address as Newtown Road, We are on the corner of Newtown Road and Park Road.